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Amber Telcom offering Adult Turnkey Business Opportunities since 1996 with our name sometimes being confused with Amber Telecom which we don’t mind as long as you have found us.

Amber Telcom started 18 years ago with 16 of those years internet based and is a unique adult business opportunity.

Our Internet web store packages otherwise known as options are at the core of the Amber Telcom adult entertainment system and are available to people wishing to enter this intriguing sector.

Please visit our website for more details on how you too can join us in this every popular and fast moving business.

Below are Testimonials from some Amber Telcom Partners

I have been trying to find a website designer to make me an adult turnkey solution for about six years now but I have been regularly let down by other companies in this business and there has never been the wow factor.  I had never visited an adult turnkey website before and gone ‘Wow’, that is until now.
It was fantastic the way the Amber Telcom support team worked closely with me, taking me through the process step by step.  I am certainly no expert when it comes to website design or marketing but I knew what I wanted.

Everyone who has seen my website so far has said how great it is.
Thank you so much.

Peter Pritchard-Derby


What more can I say except Excellent! I would like to thank you and your support colleagues for your patience and advice you gave me over the last few months, and for dealing with the amendments and alterations without question or hesitation. You are truly a professional outfit, and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other people wishing to be involved with this type of business opportunity.
Keith Ward-Wigam


By email:

John from Essex     ……took it’s first money within 2 weeks of going live. That must be a record… I now employ others to look after my websites      (John has 18 websites with us)


I feel I must comment on the excellent level of design and marketing services provided by yourselves, especially your support section. On each occasion that we have required assistance or general advice/guidance on related matters, your response has always been prompt and extremely professional. Keep up the good work!
Ann Fielding-Leicester

When myself and my wife first discussed the available website options with Amber Telcom we had three objectives:

to portray a stunning image
to get decent positions in search engines
to get customers coming to our website
Bless you, you’ve achieved all of that!  Brilliant!
Sue and Andy Goffrey-County  Armagh

amber telcom amber pro inc amberprotel positive reviews

I just wanted to thank you all at Ambertel for all your time and effort in designing my adult website. You have been polite professional and a pleasure to work with.Without doubt I will be recommending you to others and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.Many Thanks,

Georgina Felling-Kent


By email     Kaz Singh from Peterborough

…I’ve seen your advertising for over 4 years whereas others come and go but you are always there then I took the plunge but it was worth the wait to find the right company…I started earning money far more quickly than I would have imagined with my option 3 website…

I thought it was time express my appreciation of your fantastic skill and efforts on our behalf.Your flair and skills are clear to see on our three option 3 adult sites and the results we are getting in terms of ever-increasing sales have completely exceeded our expectations. We are especially pleased at how quickly you respond to support questions and how you show such patience and understanding when dealing with us and our lack of knowledge in search engine optimisation etc. We will happily recommend your company’s services to anyone considering going online or changing over to yourselves to increase their turnover.
Keep up the good work.
Mark Baldock-Manchester


I have been very impressed with the speed and quality of the work that ambertel have done for me to date. Their professionalism has been reassuring and their SEO advice has been extremely helpful. I am very happy with my choice of adult turnkey provider, and would recommend them anyone.
Ken Grant-Surrey


we would  like to say thank you very much to everyone at Amber Telcom who was involved with the setting up, maintaining and marketing of our adult website. It has far exceeded our expectations and when we first saw it we all thought wow! It is very professional and gives those visiting it clear and simple navigation, exactly what we required. The designing and daily maintenance of the web site is carried out without any input from us and we can’t find fault in any way.From initial contact with the ambertel support team to the present day includes before and aftercare, the whole thing has been a lot easier than we ever thought was possible with the staff of ambertel a pleasure to deal with. Special thanks to Robert and Sarah who have the patience of saints. Once again a big THANK YOU from us.
John Elligot-Boston


Your support team have been first class and always ready to help.
My site earns more than you told me, and that’s not a complaint. Nothing seems too much trouble each time I contact them, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ambertel.
Mr M Bhogal-Birmingham


A good quality adult website with everything and a lot more than I expected. The initial development process was very professional and efficient. Ongoing support was easy, fast and efficient. The design and turnkey application with search engine placement makes it easy to find and get around which is appreciated by our customers.
Shaihzad Ahmed-London


We are more than pleased with the site layout, extensive content and style of our website.
Developing was made extremely easy and considering our IT limitations we were put at rest by John Amber and his superb team. The website has definitely had the desired effect with a high level of service included to the customer. We are able to sleep at night knowing our customers will be looked after when making purchases and we can’t wait to check out sales stats each day.
Mr and Mrs Corbin-West Midlands


My ambertel website is very professionally made- easy to manage with good navigation and great sales tracking. My impression from the outset was that I was in safe hands. Although this is our first ever website, I felt that ambertel advised us correctly and after speaking directly with John Amber I had no hesitation in going forward. Your experience counted for everything. The support process is very fast and clear, with comprehensive answers to any question. Well done.
Mr Nigel Bryant-Swansea


We are delighted with our website. we think it has a fresh feel to it, which I hope reflects the market I’m in. Certainly the sales to date have proven to be above expectations. Many thanks to the ambertel team and particularly to Robert Burns who took my initial inquiry. Sarah has also been so patient with my questions and lack of previous experience with design and marketing. I would certainly be happy to recommend your company to others.
Ian Milne


A big thank you for the production of such a professional website and after support, for which I am really pleased with. I will recommend you to colleagues who have been following my dealings with ambertel. The whole experience has been a real pleasure and I have learned a lot.
Mr Abdul Wahid-Belfast


Just a short note to say a big thank you for the efficient and clear way you have handled all queries during the development of my new adult website option and especially to the technical team for the design. I certainly can’t wait to see how well it does over the next few months.
Kind regards,
Andrew McRea-Aberdeen


I would like to thank ambertel and their team who designed our stunning adult web site. Everything you have done is far better than I had imagined.
The layout is perfect and already people who I have shown it to are commenting on just that. The navigation is fantastic and whoever has had a part in it must be congratulated for a job well done, thank you very much.
Martin Lees


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ambertel amber pro web amber telcom complaints reviews‎

ambertel amber pro web amber telcom complaints reviews‎ with complaints being from just a handful out of the 5,400 Partners who we are proud to have working along side of us.

No franchise or opportunity can boast that 100% of the people they have on board will make a success of their business and it’s true that you can’t please everyone all of the time, it would be like re-writing the rule book for the minority.

We do try very hard to get people motivated and involved with their ambertel amber pro inc amber telcom complaints reviews‎businesses but if they just come up with excuses then things may not go as they would otherwise.

We encourage feedback and enjoy reading the great deal of positive reviews we receive through Ambertel Amber Pro Web Amber Telcom Complaints Reviews and Blogs and would like to thank those partners who have taken the time to give us the thumbs up.

The way we run our business is no different to any company who partners with others to the benefit of both parties but if one of the partners sits back hoping the other will take up the slack then problems will arise.

We often look for reasons why someone may not want be be involved with their business despite them putting money into it with the aim of making improvements to how we can encourage them to participate.

In the 18 years that we have been in business, we have had just 8 partners (not bad out of 5,400) who have done little if any work to help make their online business a success and in 2 of those cases they stayed out of touch for several months then complained like hell because they hadn’t earned any income with another one trying to cut corners by spamming the internet which could end up to under age people.

Apart from the person who spammed, we have left the door open for them to restart their businesses under the guidance of our support team, but to date just like those who enjoy writing bad hotel reviews sadly they prefer to remain hidden behind their keyboards.

The ‘spammer’ as we will now refer to him continues in his ways of a person having been caught out and acting as if he is the victim by threatening us with all sorts of bad publicity, even reporting one of our banks to the banking regulator because they ignored his onslaught of threats.

Ambertel Amber Pro Web Amber Telcom Complaints Reviews and reviewers are welcome to contact us at anytime and we will gladly work with them to get their businesses up to mark but we will expect them to help themselves by putting some time and effort into simple promotional work.

Great News. Amber Telcom have launched a new Entry Level Adult Entertainment Package which includes a far larger range of adult content including multiple streaming movies of all niches and live cams for just £250 without any additional cost in year 1.

ambertel amber pro inc amber telcom complaints reviews‎This is the most exciting starter level package we have ever launched and ideal for those who want to join us by testing the water to see if the adult business is for very little investment and to experience the level of support we will give you to make sure your business is a success.

We are also working on a new and exciting business to be included within our Option 3 Packages and hope to launch this soon or at least within the 19th year of our company in 2016.

If you want to find out more on how you to can enter the adult entertainment business or just curious on what we are all about then you might be pleasantly surprised after visiting our website.


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