Amber Telecom

Amber Telecom

Amber Telecom was launched in 1996 as Amber Telecom Adult Business Opportunity a premium rate telephone line provider specializing in international adult chat lines.

Within 2 years Amber Telecom became involved with the rapidly growing internet due to demand from our clients and changes in technology.

Much was happening in those days including confusion over our company name for which two other telecom companies used the name Amber Telecom

The internet in 1998 was advancing faster than anyone could imagine and Amber Telecom took the advantage by rebranding itself with a change of name to Amber Telcom with the launch of it’s first website Amber Telcom offering a range of Adult Turnkey Business Opportunity Options.

Amber Telcom has from it’s first day offered a full range of business options as it does today although having had many format changes and new technology added throughout each year.

Times at Amber Telecom in 1996 were exciting with the unexpected being expected and led us into the proud direction of where we are today.

Our Turnkey Options start from our Entry Level for just £200 where you may want to dip your toe into the water to see if this is for you right the way through to our Option 3 which includes everything we sell.

To see for yourself you should visit our Company Website at where we have a clear layout and description of our various options and the products and services you can have included within your business.

We also have links to some of Amber Telcom Partner’s web stores where you can check the quality of our turnkey packages albeit yours will have our latest design facilities and software included.

At the same time Amber Telcom would like to take this opportunity to invite you to meet and chat with our support team without any obligation and we look forward to your questions.

Take a tour now and be ready to change your life AmberTelcom

Amber Telecom

Amber Telecom Adult Turnkey Business Opportunity